Business environment

External growth drivers impacting our business.

The world of work and professional services is changing dramatically. Forces like digitalization, customer experience, technological development, humanity, gender equality, sustainability, customer-activism, personalization, data and automation make the world around us different, but also generate an enormous number of opportunities.

The rapid martech market growth and Hubspot growth are supporting our business. Both themes are discussed in our strategy morning webcast, see slides (in English) and recording (mostly in Finnish) here. 

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Megatrends shaping our business

The main megatrends affecting our operating environment and offering unique opportunities for us to grow are the following:

  • Technology shift/digital transformation, 
  • Sustainability, 
  • Ecosystem thinking and 
  • Experience economy. 

Technology shift

The technology shift will change the way we work and the content of our work. Artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, and the power of data will make this shift fast and unpredictable. What can be automated will be automated. The value of the work will be redefined. 

An ever-increasing amount of different marketing technologies will change the industry. There is a constant need to not only understand them but to also combine this technology shift with a comprehensive understanding of the customer and how to make a genuine impact.

Avidly key future themes
  • Holistic technology capabilities,  
  • Agile, adaptive & smart network based operating models


The world is facing a dramatic change with all the ecological problems ahead.  Increasing demand for purpose and impact arises from the need to change how we live our lives on our planet. 

Sustainable growth and conscious capitalism are new concepts that are gaining momentum.  People of this planet are demanding companies to not only focus on profit but also create strong purpose-led offerings. Also, by pretty much every measure of brand health, customers are more likely to try, stay loyal, pay more, and advocate for brands that genuinely do good and focus on sustainability: people, profit, planet. This will affect how companies see their main goals moving away from pure profit.

Avidly key future themes
  • Focus on impact-driven growth
  • Purpose &profit combined

Ecosystem thinking

Networks and interaction will have more and more influence in the future as networking and building new networks will be essential for businesses. Networks will drive development – be it between partners or within a company. Old hierarchical organizations will disappear and self-guided individuals and tribes will replace them. Also, the number of partners in the company’s network will grow and help future growth.

Avidly key future themes
  • Building network models

Experience economy

The experience economy is defined as “an economy in which many goods or services are sold by emphasizing the effect they can have on people's lives.” Experiences are their own category, just like “goods” and “services”. Customer experience will become the winning factor on top of branding, marketing, sales and service and thus the importance of brand experience grows.

Avidly key future themes
  • Winning the trust of the customer through great holistic customer experiences

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6. May, 2021

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