According to the Articles of Association, the Company has one auditor and one deputy auditor. The auditor, whose term ends at the closing of the next Annual General Meeting, is appointed by the General Meeting.  The auditor provides an auditor’s report in connection to the Company’s annual financial report.

The statutory auditing is tasked with verifying that the financial statements provide a true and fair account of the Company’s result and financial standing. Auditing provides shareholders with an independent statement on how the Company’s accounting, financial statements and administration have been managed.  

The auditor usually reviews the Company’s administration, accounting, payroll administration and other necessary auditing targets three to four times a year.

The Annual General Meeting of 30 March 2022 appointed Jari Paloniemi, APA, as the Company’s Auditor, and Veikko Terho, APA, as its Deputy Auditor.

Last updated
30. March, 2022

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