Investor calendar

Investor calendar and IR contacts

The Board of Directors of Avidly Plc has decided to publish one interim report in 2019, a Half-Year Report 1-6/2019.

For more information on Avidly as an investment, please contact interim CEO Mikko Marttinen, tel.  +358 50 581 7669, mikko.marttinen@avidlyagency.com.


Event  Time Place
Silent time and closed period begins 05.02.2019  
Full-Year Result 2018 07.03.2019  
Annual General Meeting  01.04.2019 Helsinki, Konepajankuja 1
Capital Markets Day 21.05.2019 Helsinki, Hotel GLO, Kluuvikatu 4
Private Investor Day 23.05.2019 Suvilahti, Helsinki
Silent time and closed period begins 23.07.2019  
Half-Year Report 1-6/2019 22.08.2019