impact-driven growth strategy

Introducing our
growth strategy.

Our strategy is based on providing impactul solutions that bring growth to our clients. With this strategy we aim to profitable growth and a position as a leading European martech service provider.

Avidly’s Board of Directors has defined the following strategic targets for the 2021–2025 strategy period:

  • to have the most loyal customers
  • to be the best place to work
  • to be a thought leader
  • to grow profitably.
(Issued on 11 December 2020)

Our financial targets for the period

  • Organic growth target +10% annually, higher international speed of growth
  • Revenue exceeding EUR 50 million by 2025.
  • Deliver positive EBITA* in 2021
  • Reach EBITA* of minimum 10% in  2025
Dividend policy
  • The Company’s aim is to use net profit for growth investments and not to distribute dividends until further notice

* EBITA = EBIT added with depreciations and impairments on acquisitions.

(Issued on 30 January 2019)

Previous financial targets for the period

  • Annual organic revenue growth exceeding 25% and overall revenue growth exceeding 40%. 
  • Revenue exceeding EUR 100 million by 2024
  • Annual EBIT margin of 2–7% despite the rapid growth.
Dividend policy
  • Avidly may distribute at the most 50% of its annual net result as dividends during the strategy period of 2019–2024 given that distribution of the dividends does not affect Avidly’s capability on reaching its growth targets for the period of 2019–2024.

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We deliver future growth.

We have recognised three key growth opportunities. They are market expansion, service expansion and general martech market growth. We also seek opportunities from building Avidly growth platform and investing in our operational models, brand and of course, people.

Avidly strategy - opportunity ahead

To make tomorrow better, you need to understand today. Our top management and specialists talk about our strategy themes on videos.

Avidly strategy videos

Foreword to Avidly
strategy videos
HubSpot Video

Jesse Maula, CEO
Avidly Strategy themes: Trends in our business environment
HubSpot Video

Ismo Nikkola, Chief Strategy Officer, Deputy CEO
Reetta Kataja, Strategist
Avidly Strategy themes: Reporting and global software platforms
HubSpot Video

Hans Parvikoski, CFO
Avidly Strategy themes:
BI and business solutions
HubSpot Video

Achim B.C. Karpf, Senior Managing Director
Avidly Strategy themes:
HubSpot Video

Teea Björklund, COO, Finland
Avidly Strategy themes:
HubSpot Video

Maja Haavet, Senior Advisor and Strategist
Kristine Hansen, Country Manager, Norway

Avidly Strategy themes:
Data-driven growth hacking
HubSpot Video

Henri Pallonen, Team Lead, Digital Growth
Tommi Laaksonen, Growth Strategist

Avidly Strategy themes:
HubSpot in 2021 and beyond
HubSpot Video

Jeppe Houman Nyrup, Head of Strategic Partnerships
Avidly Strategy themes:
HubSpot Video

Anna Salo, Head of Operations, Helsinki

Avidly Strategy themes:
Data integration
HubSpot Video

Jonaz Kumlander, Senior Tech Strategist

Avidly Strategy themes:
Content and storytelling
HubSpot Video

Sirpa Alhava, Vice President, Content Business
Avidly Strategy themes:
Digital training - Avidly Academy
HubSpot Video

Johanna Sjölin, Inbound Strategist and Digital Trainer

Avidly Strategy themes:
HubSpot Video

Jufo Peltomaa, Chief Creative Officer

Strategy Q&A

We have collected some questions with answers to this Q&A document.

Do you have an additional question on our strategy? Please submit it and we will answer by email.

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6. May, 2021

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