The General Meeting confirms the remuneration of Board members annually, and the Board confirms the CEO’s salary and other benefits. The incentives of the CEO are decided by the Board of Directors. Board members are remunerated solely on the basis of their Board membership, excluding the Chair of the Board, who participates in business transactions made by the Company in an operational capacity. 

On 1 April 2020, the Company’s Annual General Meeting decided that the remuneration of the Chairman of the Board is EUR 4,000 per month and for the Deputy Chairman of the Board EUR 3,000 and for each of the other members of the Board EUR 2,000 per month. The remuneration shall be paid monthly for those months the person acts as a member or the Chairman or Deputy Chairman of the Board. The travel expenses of members of the Board shall be compensated in accordance with Avidly Plc’s travel policy. Other allowances shall not be paid.

Last updated
2. March, 2021

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